Great news: we updated our Quarta meeting table with Microsoft Teams. Have a look at the latest product development of our engineering team.
Quarta is the perfect solution for boardrooms or large meeting rooms. Start your meeting with One-Touch-Join!

Watch the demo video:

Beautiful and smart

Quarta is allowing those not present in person to participate via Microsoft Teams. High-definition videocameras combined with an advanced video-conferencing system ensure razor-sharp images and crystal-clear sound from all participants at different locations, regardless of which time zone they are in.

 The comfortable sitting posture and ideal viewing distance are important ergonomic aspects, while the ease of operation is optimal. The screens, sound level, lighting, climate and other functions are effortlessly operated from an intuitive touch panel by one touch join.

 We hope you experience the Quarta feeling soon. The special setting is perfectly suited for hybrid interaction because it feels much more natural than looking at one single screen together. There’s a good chance that afterwards, you too will be saying: nice to meet!


Special features

    high-definition cameras rise up from the console which forms the heart of the table for videoconfences via Microsoft Teams.
    all meeting room functions can be controlled using the intuitive touch screen. Even the office lights have an IP address and are controlled by the system.
   The placement of the screens guarantees a comfortable sitting posture and an optimum viewing angle.
    Quarta comes as standard with recessed screens, an audio system and sockets for laptop connections and is enhanced with videoconferencing.
    Additionally a big LED screen has been installed in the room to make the room multifunctional. This screen is connected to the Quarta table, so that the same content is displayed there.
    We updated our Quarta meeting table solution with Microsoft Teams. Start your meeting with One-Touch-Join.


Start your meeting with One-Touch-Join.
donderdag, maart 3, 2022