More and more well-known companies are seeing the efficiency benefits and return-on-investment of Quarta solutions. On this page, you can see a number of recent examples in their current settings.

Travel Organisation, Amsterdam

At ArkeFly TU, AVEX fitted out a new Crewroom by placing a Quarta conference table. Included in the furniture is a videoconferencing functionality, whereby the central console rises up when the videoconferences started. The Quarta has been realised\ in the style that matches the look and feel of the Crewroom. An extra 65 inch LED screen was attached the wall and connected to the Quarta, making it possible to also follow images on the screen.


The Quarta table is the ideal solution for communicating with colleagues all over the world. As a result, the employees of ArkeFly TUI can cut back on business flights by consulting via the Quarta instead