• Unique meeting concept
  • Integrated audiovisual components
  • Aesthetic design and ergonomics
  • Choice of high-quality finishes
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • More effective meetings
  • Significant reduction in travel and accommodation costs
  • High return-on-investment

With a smart balance between design and functionality, Quarta adds a new dimension to the modern meeting environment. Quarta provides optimum comfort, increased interaction and time gains during meetings. In short, it’s time to experience Quarta for yourself.

Quarta is a meeting table with built-in audiovisual facilities. It is perfectly suited to boardrooms and other luxury meeting rooms whose users know better than anyone that time is money.


In the heart of the table are screens recessed beneath clear-vision toughened glass, which makes sharing presentations and documents easy. This arrangement also allows the participants to the meeting to maintain eye contact with each other because they no longer need to turn to face a central screen on a wall. Everyone has a comfortable seating posture and viewing distance at all times; ergonomically sound, in other words.


For ultimate connectivity, the Quarta tables can be equipped with videoconferencing. High-definition cameras combined with an advanced videoconferencing system ensure razor-sharp images and crystal-clear sound from business contacts or colleagues at different locations - in your own country  or on the other side of the ocean, regardless of time zones. You are opting for convenience, efficiency and a reduced impact on the environment.

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